Activity map

Although mind maps can be used to organize activities, mind maps are rather static. Solution Language Tool offers activity mapping technique for studying the idea from dynamic viewpoint. Activity mapping can be used to add value in mind mapping when communication, scheduling, timing, synchronization and order of topics are important factors. In Solution Language Tool mind maps and activity maps can be created concurrently resulting in a stimulative and balanced ideation environment.

Activity map presents the units and the sub units, which belong to the idea. This resembles the way how mind map presents topics and sub topics of the idea. A unit is a real world subject like person, group, organization, part of system or alike. Messages show the communication between units. The functionality of the units is presented with activities. Activity mapping can present also interactions, states, sequences and timing.

Detailed documentation of the activity mapping:
Solution Language Specification V2.2
Solution Language white paper with examples V2.2

Units in activity map
Activities in activity map

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