Solina Mind Mapping Software

Solina starts a new era of ideation.

With Solina you create organic mind maps as fast as thought. Solina has been carefully designed for human way of thinking.

1 Easy

Ideation is easier than ever.

Solina's user interface is intuitive and pleasant.

2 Quick

Ideation starts immediately.

Solina instantly communicates and shares ideas.

3 Open

Creates organic mind maps.

Solina stores mind maps in standard XML format.

4 For teams

Supports collaboration.

Solina offers Internet based global usage.

Solina for companies and individuals.

Visual innovation example

Our objective is to offer a pleasant environment for mind mapping and activity mapping. Solina environment forms a direct continuation to creative thinking process. The ideas flow fluently to mind maps and stimulate thus effectively creativity.

Many tools in the market create computerized mind maps. With Solina mind mapping software you create interactively genuine, organic mind maps as fast as thought. User interface has been carefully designed for human way of thinking. Brain–friendly Solina lets you to create mind maps, which conform exactly to your thoughts.

The brain works best in 5 – 7 minute bursts, so it is very important to capture that explosion of ideas as rapidly as possible. Solina mind mapping tool forms an optimal solution to fast mind mapping. The tool performs all routine work – so you can fully concentrate in creative thinking.

Solina benefits.

  • Stimulates ideation
  • Inspires creativity
  • Visualizes thoughts
  • Offers new perspectives
  • Documents ideas
  • Communicates ideas
  • Shares ideas
  • Supports teams
  • Quick brainstorming



Solina v2016.1 released. Solina v2016.1 released. The new version strengthens Solina's position as the quickest and the easiest mind mapping tool in the market. Solina v2016.1 with enhanced user interface is available for Windows 10, 8 and 7.


Solina v2014.1 released. New Solina is the first mind mapping tool in the market to offer genuine floating Internet based licensing. Floating Solina can be used on any Internet connected PC. Solina is available for Windows 8, 7 and XP platforms.

Solina Mind Mapping Software

Capture, refine and share ideas with Solina

Solina software

With Solina software you capture and refine ideas in natural, brain like way. Ideas are instantly communicated and shared with everyone involved.

Target areas

  • Ideation and brainstorming
  • Strategy planning
  • Business planning
  • Product planning
  • Personal productivity
  • Education


  • Mind mapping editor
  • Activity mapping editor
  • Multi-document, multi-window support
  • Fast navigation between maps
  • High quality, high resolution graphics
  • Customizable user interface
  • Autostyles and user definable styles
  • XML database
  • Export to Web and to graphics formats
  • Imports pictures, video, sound and documents
  • Integrates with Office tools
  • Floating network licensing
  • Windows 8, 7 and XP support

User interface

  • Auto-topic tool for quick topic creation
  • Free-hand topic tool for free topic shapes
  • Curved, natural topic name texts
  • Auto styles for colours, topics and texts
  • Shortcut key
  • Online help and template library


  • Single document may contain several mind maps and activity maps
  • Solution Explorer
  • Navigation tabs
  • Navigation is fast
  • Several views can be shown simultaneously

High quality graphics

  • Style based presentation
  • Autostyles for graphics, colors and texts
  • Color shading and transparency effects
  • Professional quality texts


  • Export to the Web
  • Export to graphics formats
  • Integrates with Office
  • Imports pictures, video and sound
  • Imports other documents
  • Hyperlinks and email links

Need a tool for Activity Mapping? Solina does it.

Activity map

Although mind maps can be used to organize activities, mind maps are rather static. If the idea deals with subjects like business processes, logistics systems, information systems, software applications, etc., understanding the behavioural aspects of the idea is essential. Solina offers activity mapping technique for studying the idea from dynamic viewpoint. Activity mapping can be used to add value in mind mapping when communication, scheduling, timing, synchronization and order of topics are important factors. In Solina mind maps and activity maps can be created concurrently resulting in a stimulative and balanced ideation environment.


Activity map presents the units and sub units. This resembles the way how mind map presents topics and sub topics of the idea. A unit is a functional constituent of the idea. Units can operate concurrently. A unit can be refined with sub units. Sub units are presented with unit symbol, which are drawn inside a unit symbol. Refining can continue to any amount of sub unit levels. A unit is a real world subject like person, group, organization, part of system or alike.

Message and activity

Message shows the communication between units. The functionality of the units is presented with activities. Unit, message and activity are the most important elements in activity maps. In the most cases the essential dynamic and functional aspects of the idea can be easily presented with these elements. In addition activity mapping offers means for detailed planning of control, sequencing, timing and alike aspects of the idea.